Munich Maker Lab

LED panel 30x30 nearly finished. Next day power LEDs and check connections and test software. @munichmakerlab

Yesterday, we finally moved the vending machine (our landlord wanted us to remove it). The hand forklift (Hubwagen) wouldn’t have fit through the doors with a palette, the elevator isn’t to be trusted, and we used a Teleskoplader (the green monstrosity) to get it down the last few steps.

It’s now at the Werkbox, if you want to see it again ;)

Was kind of crazy. Don’t want to do that again.

Continue to work on LED panel for the @MakeMunich 2014. Soldering and connecting #fadecandy board by @scanlime. @munichmakerlab

When putting new lights into our vending machine, we had to replace the microcontroller of the RGB LED controller. Simplest fix at the time was to use an Arduino because it was lying around.

Now we needed the Arduino for other stuff again. So finally we replaced the Arduino with something more appropriate for the simple task of fading LEDs: an ATtiny85. It’s still oversized, a ATtiny25 would’ve been enough, but we had a tube of the bigger ones lying around. Add two connectors, a resistor, and a capacitor, and there we have it: our light controller board.

Work in progress of a new LED panel (30x30 pixel, @fadecandy controller by @scanlime) for @MakeMunich (1.+2. November, Tonhalle Munich)

Testing some FPV video goggles for quadcopter flying. Seem to work fairly well.

Finished the new fan for our dual extrusion Ultimaker, and got it hooked up. It’s not ideal, with the plastic so close to the heating elements, but it’ll have to do for now.

Small linux based picture frame in the space


Spinach is starting to grow in the fogponics setup.

Camera setup to monitor our little hydroponic garden in the space. Images are uploaded to the web every 15 minutes. Find it over at