Munich Maker Lab

Camera setup to monitor our little hydroponic garden in the space. Images are uploaded to the web every 15 minutes. Find it over at

DIY Bluetooth headphones! 

Some old Philips analog wireless headphones combine well with a cheap BT-HiFi module (based on OVC3860). Add an old LiPo and voila: 

Great sound on the cheap (~10$)… 

Printing a new fan mount for our dual extrusion Ultimaker. The model looked a little tough to print, so we had to add another fan for a decent quality result.

Serious electronics work at the MuMaLab. Including desoldering some old router for spare parts.


Built a new hydroponics box today. This time, instead of a straight Deep Water Culture, I chose to give fogponics a try. Bought a small fogger, and placed it in one of the shallower IKEA boxes. Also added a small airstone, and connected it to the new bigger airpump I bought.

I used 50mm net cups filled with hydroton, and placed the seeds in small pieces of hand towel paper.

The fog looks amazing, and I’m really exited to see how this turns out.

The newest addition to our hackerspace garden.

Small Arducopter based Tricopter is really fun! =D

Nice… but something is missing. (to be continued…)


Working on the sequencer. It uses a 4017 decimal counter, and, at least for this test, an Arduino as clock source, because I couldn’t get my 555 circuit to work.

Ran the output of the sequencer into one of the analog inputs of the Auduino synth, which made for some funny noises. Also connected the synth to the newer oscilloscope. Great stuff.

Finally, I managed to build a filter stage for the synth to clean up the PWM output signal (which you can now see on the scope). Turned out pretty much as I hoped it would. Circuits etc. will come later.


Just harvested the first pepper from our hydroponics setup. Excited to taste it.

Look, it’s the MuMaLab garden.

Our neighbors at Werkbox3 have this beautiful old teletype. We’ll help them connect it to the internet later this week. At least that’s the plan…